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At Critical Laser, we know the importance of having good equipment, especially when it comes to custom laser cutting metal and other materials. We are equipped with two top-of-the line Mitsubishi lasers and a Bystronic laser system. Our Bystronic gives us incredible cutting power & unmatched processing speeds as well as boasting the largest cutting table available. The Mitsubishi lasers give us precision that is hard to duplicate with newer equipment, enabling us to cut taller odd shaped materials such as computer boxes or square tubing and all types of plastic and wood. Our two Mitsubishi lasers cut all kinds of plastics. We have experience in ABS, Acrylic, HDPE, UHMW, ABS, & PETG.


Material Options:

Metals, Plastics, Woods



ByStar 10kW Fiber Laser: This is our most powerful laser, and it is the only one in Utah! This laser gives us the ability to cut thicker and larger pieces of material and cuts typical lead times in half.

  • Highest parts output and premium cutting quality through all materials and sheet thicknesses.
  • High machine dynamics and high process reliability ensures high parts output
  • New z-axis design provides 240% higher acceleration
  • Linear drive X, Y motion for extreme cutting speeds
  • 20% faster shuttle table change over time
  • Edge quality that requires no secondary operation

Cutting capabilities include:

  • Mild Steel – up to 1″
  • Stainless Steel – up to 1″
  • Aluminum – up to 1″
  • Brass – up to .5″
  • Copper – up to .5″


Bystronic 4020: This laser features a 3500-watt resonator and two 6.50’ x 13.50’ cutting beds. This laser gives us the ability to cut thicker and larger pieces of material. Cutting capabilities include:

  • Mild Steel – up to .75″
  • Stainless Steel – up to .50″
  • Aluminum – up to .25″


Mitsubishi 3015: Featuring a 1600 watt resonator and a 5’ x 10’ cutting table this laser gives us the ability to create clean fine-tuned cuts in a variety of materials. Cutting capabilities include:

  • Mild Steel – up to 0.50″
  • Stainless Steel – up to 0.19″
  • Aluminum – up to 0.13″
  • Acrylic – up to 1.00″
  • Rubber – up to 1.00″
  • Wood – up to 1.50″


Mitsubishi 2512: Our very first CNC machine boasting 1600 watts and a 4’ x 8’ cutting bed. This laser has an amazing 12” of Z height allowing for large tubes and boxes. Cutting capabilities include:
• Mild Steel – up to 0.50”
• Stainless Steel – up to 0.19”
• Aluminum – up to 0.13”
• Acrylic – up to 1.00”
• Rubber – up to 1.00”
• Wood – up to 1.50”


Mitsubishi Diamond Ultra: 10′ long & 193 tons – this machine has huge a stroke and massive open height. Coupled with Wila hydraulic clamping and quick change tooling this machine allows us to bend production as well as prototype.

  • 10′ length
  • 193 tons
  • 27″ open height
  • 18″ throat
  • 5 axis CNC back gauge
  • Hydraulic Clamping and Quick Change Punches


Typical Lead Time:

Most projects go through our process in a few days, which is much shorter than the typical lead time of a week or more. We specialize in meeting quick deadlines. For repeat jobs, we hold specific time slots so your jobs get done on time and on budget.

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Insta - Gears. Really big gears.
Insta - Repost of some tiny plastic clips
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