Bending Metal!

Bending Metal!

Metal bending is difficult!  There are many aspects of Bending Metal and fabricating metal even engineers don’t understand.  However for our clients that are not engineers here are some basics to keep in mind.

1.)  Metal stretches!  Think of taffy or gum being pulled, just like that metal has to be stretched out to be shaped into angles.  That stretching has to be accounted for drawing out a flat part that eventually will have  to bent to create a box or channel or whatever the final piece may be.

2.)  Getting consistent angles on longer pieces can be very difficult.  For this reason Critical Laser purchased an advanced machine with CNC Crowning.  This crowning is make sure the correct tolerances are kept from one side to the middle to the other side.  Our equipment calculates the correct pressure required on both ends then pushes up in the middle to maintain perfect parts.

3.)  Where to reference?  To put bends in accurate places with accurate angles we have figure out the best place to reference from.  To combat this difficulty our bending equipment has CNC back gauges that allow for multiple reference points.  These reference points allow for the most accuracy in fabricating parts.


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