New Brand Identity

New Brand Identity



After 21 years in business Critical Laser has decided to get a face lift and update it’s brand identity.  A new logo, new website, new blog, new signage, same commitment to quality, customer service, and creative partnerships.  Critical is still dedicated to being a true partner in manufacturing, prototyping, and custom laser cutting.

We understand the need for no hassle customer service, and a service center with quick lead times.  We operate day and night to make sure our shop turns parts out as quickly as if it were your own.  You can trust us to deliver the highest quality parts in a timely manner regardless of production run or one off parts.

Critical Laser has also been facilitating fabrication as long as we have been in business.  We have unmatched partnerships with independent facilities that handle bending, milling, paint and powder coating.  Critical leverages it’s long time relationships and buying power in you’re behalf.


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